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Used FIAT 500L for Sale in San Francisco, CA

3 results Prices exclude taxes, fees, or Shift Service fee

2014 FIAT 500L
Easy w/6spd manual
46.75k Miles
Est. $162/mo
2014 FIAT 500L
53.44k Miles
Est. $169/mo
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Buy a Used FIAT 500L in San Francisco, California

Whether work brought you here or it's always been your home, San Francisco, California is your town. But you know there's a lot more beyond the confines of your city. California is the ideal, easy-going West Coast lifestyle, and you're here to see everything you can. You can imagine strolling the Venice Beach Boardwalk, seeing wildlife at the San Diego Zoo, or getting some rest and relaxation in Big Sur. One thing missing—a reliable ride.

There's only one automobile for you and it's a FIAT 500L. It's got almost everything you want in a vehicle—attractive styling, smooth ride, and fuel economy. And it's a FIAT, a brand you've always trusted However, a new FIAT 500L is way out of your budget. However, there is a better option.

The only way to buy a used car

We strive to give people a quality used car at a great price. It all begins with our full 150-point inspection. Not one vehicle drives off our property without acing Shift's inspections. To assure that you get a great rate, we constantly check hundreds of thousands of data points on past and current prices for similar FIAT 500L models?You can rest easy knowing that your car has the green light and that you got a great deal.

More about San Francisco, CA pre-owned FIAT 500Ls

FIAT is the largest automobile manufacture in Italy and was founded in 1899. The Italian automaker made a name for itself on the race tracks in its early years with envy-inducing performance machines that exuded suave Italian styling. The 500 appeared in the 1950s and became the car that drove most?f Italy. When FIAT bought Chrysler in 2009 they introduced their spunky 500 model to the American market. Today, Fiat has expanded its lineup with electric options like the 500e and the family-friendly 500L.

FIAT 500L has a 160hp, 1L engine. This model gets 25mpg city and 33mpg freeway. The 500L is available in a variety body types like sport utility, sedan, and convertible. A convertible could be a fun option since San Francisco has so many sunny days a year.

Purchase a Used FIAT 500L before it's too late

You don't have to pay full price for a great vehicle. We make sure all FIAT 500Ls are inspected from inside and out and provide all the necessary paperwork. It's a win-win for you, and what we believe how the pre-owned car buying process should be. Plus, if you decide this isn't the FIAT for you, you get seven days from your purchase date to bring it back. With a no-haggling and no-pressure process, having the FIAT500L you want has never been easier. Don't let that FIAT you've had your eyes on pass you by. Lock in your price today.

Shift FAQ: Your questions answered

We know you have a few questions about used FIATs, and we have a few answers for you. Here are some of the most?requently asked questions on FIAT 500Ls.
Does FIAT make luxury vehicles?
No, FIAT is not considered a luxury automaker. Still, you can get a pre-owned FIAT 500L with some great amenities.
What are the best-selling FIAT models?
FIAT knows how to make vehicles that appeal to all types of drivers. The top FIAT models?re the 500X, 500L, 500e, 500, and 124 Spider
What are the available body types for the FIAT 500L?
The FIAT 500L is available as a sport utility, sedan, or convertible
What if I don't like the 500L? Can I bring it back?
You have seven days from the date of purchase to return the 500L. The model must be in the same condition that you bought it.

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