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Used Dodge Dakota for Sale in San Francisco, CA

99 results Prices exclude taxes, fees, or Shift Service fee

2015 Dodge Challenger
29.5k Miles
Est. $338/mo
2016 Dodge Challenger
SRT Hellcat
72k Miles
Est. $698/mo
2017 Dodge Charger
R/T Scat Pack
44.2k Miles
Est. $592/mo
2018 Dodge Charger
54.3k Miles
Est. $374/mo
2014 Dodge Challenger
R/T 100th Anniversary Appearance Group
59.4k Miles
Est. $343/mo
2019 Dodge Journey
SE Value Pkg
41.4k Miles
Est. $281/mo

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2018 Dodge Grand Caravan
41.9k Miles
Est. $338/mo
2018 Dodge Durango
43.2k Miles
Est. $443/mo
2008 Dodge Charger
16.2k Miles
Est. $360/mo
2013 Dodge Journey
92.4k Miles
Est. $178/mo
2018 Dodge Grand Caravan
49.3k Miles
Est. $345/mo
2019 Dodge Charger
48.8k Miles
Est. $493/mo
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Houston, TX
2017 Dodge Durango
45.5k Miles
Est. $549/mo
2016 Dodge Journey
40.9k Miles
Est. $229/mo
2019 Dodge Charger
SRT Hellcat
27.8k Miles
Est. $964/mo
2015 Dodge Charger
55.9k Miles
Est. $383/mo
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Used Dodge Dakota in San Francisco, California

There aren't many cities in California quite like San Francisco. The hardest part about weekends is only picking one thing to do. However, when you want to discover more of California, you'll need solid vehicle. Unfortunately, your vehicle isn't up to the challenge.

You already know what you want, and that's a Dodge Dakota. It has everything you're seeking in an automobile—modern styling, quality, and plenty of power. Plus, it's made by Dodge, a brand you respect. A new Dodge Dakota is just a bit above your budget. There's a better way to buy a used car, and Shift has it.

Shift—how we do business

We hear you and we have a solution. We can put you in the driver's seat without breaking the bank. We start with our scrupulous 150-point inspection. Not one auto leaves our lots without acing Shift's check-lists. Plus, to ensure that you get a fair price, we regularly track hundreds of thousands of data points on past and current prices for related Dodge models. Sit back and relax knowing your pre-owned Dodge is ready to drive, and we give you all the essential paperwork, like ownership info and vehicle history reports. You can rest easy knowing we and your Dodge are on the up and up.

More about your Dodge Dakota

Dodge started in 1914 and soon became of America's most celebrated brands. The company has produced several iconic vehicles like the muscle-bound Dodge Charger in the '60s and the super sports car of the '90s, the Viper. However, it may have been the introduction of the Dodge Caravan in the '80s that changed the industry the most and lead to a new segment of vehicle body styles—the minivan. Today, Dodge's lineup is limited, but filled with vehicles that feature powerful engines with performance tuning.

The Dodge Dakota features a 5L engine that generates a respectable 302hp. This model gets 16mpg city and 20mpg expressway. The Dodge Dakota comes in a variety body styles such as station wagon, sport utility, sedan, regular cab pickup - standard bed, and regular cab pickup - long bed. With the number of sunny days in Dodge, we're thinking a convertible could up your driving game.

Buy a pre-owned Dodge Dakota today

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dodge Dakota

Questions about used Dodge Dakotas? Below are answers to a few of the questions we get hit with the most from our amazing customers. Below are some of our customers' most frequently asked questions on Dodge Dakotas.
Is Dodge considered a luxury brand?
No, Dodge is not considered a luxury automaker. Still, you can get a used Dodge Dakota with some premium features.
Which Dodge models do people buy the most?
When it comes to making models that people love, Dodge has the formula down. The best-selling Dodge models are the Charger, Challenger, Grand Caravan, Journey, and Durango
What are the available body types for the Dodge Dakota?
The Dodge Dakota is available as a station wagon, sport utility, sedan, regular cab pickup - standard bed, regular cab pickup - long bed, regular cab chassis-cab, or passenger
What happens if I don't like the Dakota? Can I bring it back?
You have a full week from the date of purchase to bring back the Dodge Dakota. The car must be in the same condition that you purchased it.

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