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Used Hyundai for Sale in Winchester, CA

55 results Prices exclude taxes, fees, or Shift Service fee

2016 Hyundai Sonata
2.4L SE
48.4k Miles
Est. $230/mo
2012 Hyundai Elantra
105k Miles
Est. $148/mo
2017 Hyundai Elantra
62.6k Miles
Est. $225/mo
2016 Hyundai Accent
59.2k Miles
Est. $171/mo
2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
2.0T Sport
61.7k Miles
Est. $261/mo
2017 Hyundai Sonata
63.6k Miles
Est. $275/mo
2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
2.0T Premium
72.8k Miles
Est. $231/mo

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2015 Hyundai Genesis
60k Miles
Est. $352/mo
2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport
53.3k Miles
Est. $289/mo
2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport
71.3k Miles
Est. $225/mo
2017 Hyundai Tucson
SE Plus
59.6k Miles
Est. $295/mo
2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring
95.5k Miles
Est. $120/mo
2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport
101k Miles
Est. $216/mo
2015 Hyundai Veloster
113k Miles
Est. $190/mo
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Buy a Pre-owned Hyundai in Winchester, California

Whether work brought you here or it's always been your home, Winchester, California is your town. But you know there's a lot more beyond the confines of your city. The Golden State is an adventure seeker's playground. With more than half the year being nothing but sunny days, the weather is usually as good as it gets. If you want to see everything from the Golden Gate Bridge to Yosemite Valley, you're going to need an amazing ride. You have your eyes on a Hyundai, but a new car is not in your budget.

At Shift, we aim to buckle you in the driver's seat of a used Hyundai without busting your wallet. We regularly follow hundreds of thousands of data points on past and current prices for comparable Winchester, CA used Hyundai to ensure that you get a great price. Our 150-point inspection on all our used cars means your buying a top-notch set of wheels. Not one car leaves our lots without acing our check-lists. You can rest easy knowing your Hyundai has the green light. Plus, you'll receive all the paperwork, like vehicle history and ownership information.

More about Hyundais in Winchester

You've seen a lot of different vehicles, and you know a Hyundai is what you want. A pre-owned Hyundai checks off all your boxes. They have the styling and amenities that you look for in a vehicle. Plus, it's good to know that Hyundai has more fuel-efficient models like electric, plug-in hybrid, and gasoline-hybrid. With most people taking around 31 minutes to get where they're going, you'll love saving on those weekly fill-ups.

Each Hyundai model offers different amenities and features. Hyundai models come in a variety of drive trains including all-wheel, four-wheel, front, and rear-wheel drive. If you plan on doing off-roading or travel in areas with inclement weather, then opt for an all-wheel or four-wheel drive. In most cases, a front-wheel-drive Hyundai will provide a solid driving experience in most conditions. Now that we have gone over the available drive trains on Hyundais, let's discuss the amenities. What amenities come with your used Hyundai depends on what model you decide pick. Typically, the more premium Hyundai model, the better the amenities. You'll find Hyundai models with popular amenities like multi-zone A/C, adjustable lumbar, remote engine start, a trip computer, backup camera, Bluetooth connection, HID headlights, and more. With summer temps reaching a scorching 97°, you'll definitely need cold A/C.

We can't forget about having a safe driving experience either. Some of the standard safety features you'll find on pre-owned Hyundais are:

  • Driver and passenger airbags
  • Lane departure warning
  • Blindspot monitor
  • Brake assist
  • Traction control
  • Automatic headlights
  • Automatic parking

Some safety features aren't offered on all pre-owned Hyundai models. Check to make sure the Hyundai model you are looking at has the safety features you need.

Purchase a pre-owned Hyundai today

At Shift, have the used Hyundai you've been seeking and at an affordable price. We inspect all our Hyundais from top to bottom to make sure they are ready for the road and give you all the necessary paperwork. It's a win-win for you, and what we believe how the used car buying process should be. Moreover, if you're ever in doubt, you get seven days from the purchase date to bring it back. Get that new-car feeling with a pre-owned Hyundai. Contact Shift today.

Hyundai Frequently Asked Questions

When buying a pre-owned Hyundai from your computer, you're bound to have some questions. We'll try to answer the ones we get asked the most. Here are some of our customers' most frequently asked questions.
What are the best-selling Hyundai models?
When it comes to making models that people love, Hyundai has the formula down. The best-selling Hyundai models are the Elantra, Sonata, Tucson, Santa Fe and Accent.
What fuel types are offered for Hyundais?
Hyundai makes automobiles in gasoline, diesel, or gas-electric hybrid. Generally, hybrid models give you better miler per gallon, which is great if you have a long commute, like in Winchester most people drive 31 minutes to work.
Does Hyundai make vehicles with leather seats?
You can get leather seats on many used Hyundais. This option typically makes your pre-owned model.
Are there Hyundai vehicles with sunroofs or moonroofs?
Yes, Hyundais are available with a sunroof or moonroof. You can even get a used Hyundai with a dual moonroof.
Can I get a Hyundai with a navigation system?
Yes, some Hyundai automobiles do have a navigation system. Be sure to check the "Features" section on the used Hyundai you're considering to confirm.
Are there Hyundai vehicles that have remote start?
Remote start is great when you want to cool down the interior of your vehicle on those hot summer days. Good thing some Hyundai models have remote start as a feature.
What if I don't like the vehicle? Can I bring it back?
From the date of purchase, you get seven days to return the car. The car must be in the same condition in which you purchased it.

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