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Used Land Rover Discovery for Sale in Westminster, CA

4 results Prices exclude taxes, fees, or Shift Service fee

2019 Land Rover Discovery
33.47k Miles
Est. $676/mo
2018 Land Rover Discovery
19.47k Miles
Est. $761/mo
2018 Land Rover Discovery
33.17k Miles
Est. $718/mo
2018 Land Rover Discovery
38.11k Miles
Est. $676/mo
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Purchase a Pre-owned Land Rover Discovery in Westminster, CA

There are hundreds of cities in California, but none quite like Westminster. The hardest part about weekends is only picking one thing to do. Of course, any good road trips begins with a great car. Unfortunately, your car isn't up for a trip to the store, let alone a road trip, these days.

For you only one car will do—a Land Rover Discovery. It has everything you want in a car—contemporary design, smooth ride, and plenty of power. And it's a Land Rover, a brand you've always trusted. It has everything but a wallet-friendly price. What if we told you there's a better way?

The only way to buy a used car

It all begins with our scrupulous 150-point inspection. Not a single car rolls off our lots unless they pass Shift's checklist. To assure that you receive a great sticker price, we continually check millions of data points on past and current prices for similar Land Rover Discoverys. You can relax knowing that your Discovery is road-ready and that you got a great deal.

More about Westminster, CA pre-owned Land Rover Discovery

Land Rovers, a British auto brand, are as capable off-road as they are stylish The company started after WW II and was inspired by America's Jeep brand. Their first vehicle, the Series 1, came out in 1948. The model's interior was as basic as they come, but it was a serious off-roader. However, it was during the '70s that the consumer-designed Range Rover model debuted that popularized the brand with outdoor enthusiasts. The company continued down this path with the Discovery and Freelander models. Today, Land Rover continues to produce luxury SUVs that can still take it off-road.

The Land Rover Discovery features a 3L engine that generates an impressive 340hp. Gas mileage varies based on driving conditions, but the Land Rover Discovery generally gets 26mpg on the expressway and 21mpg in and around town. The Discovery comes in several configurations such as sport utility.

Get your used Land Rover Discovery in Westminster, CA before it's gone

At Shift, we strive to take all the hassle out of buying a pre-owned Discovery, yet still provide you a great car at a competitive rate. We'll handle all the required paperwork, including registration, title, transfer, and DMV forms. Plus, our 150-point inspection means that your Discovery is ready for action when we deliver it to your home. With a no-haggling and no-pressure buying process, getting the Discovery you've always wanted has never been easier. Contact Shift today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about used Land Rover Discoverys? Below are answers to some of the questions we get hit with the most from our awesome customers. Below are several of our customers' most frequently asked questions on Land Rover models.
Does Land Rover make luxury vehicles?
Yes, Land Rover is considered a premium brand, and the price reflects this.
What are the best-selling Land Rover models?
Land Rover knows how to make vehicles that appeal to all types of drivers. The top Land Rover models are the Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover, and Discovery Sport
Does the Land Rover Discovery come in different styles?
The Land Rover Discovery is available as a sport utility
What if I decide the Discovery isn't for me? Can I bring it back?
You have seven days from the date of purchase to return the Discovery. The automobile must be in the same condition in which you bought it.

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