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Used FIAT 500 for Sale in Pleasanton, CA

6 results Prices exclude taxes, fees, or Shift Service fee

2012 FIAT 500
C Pop w/ 5-Speed Manual
41.04k Miles
Est. $130/mo
2012 FIAT 500
79.96k Miles
Est. $126/mo
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Used FIAT 500s in Pleasanton, California

Sure, Pleasanton is where you work, but it's also where you play. On the weekends, you're ready to meet up with some friend and see as much as Pleasanton as you can. With over 200 sunny days per year in Pleasanton, CA, you want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. However, if you're planning to see it all, you'll need an a comfortable ride.

There's only one automobile for you and it's a FIAT 500. It's got everything you want in an automobile—modern styling, workmanship, and great fuel economy. Plus, it's made by FIAT, a brand you respect. It has everything but a wallet-friendly price. What if we told you there's a better way.

The only way to buy a used car

We'd love to set you up with a FIAT 500 in Pleasanton at a price that'll make both you and your bank account happy. We constantly follow hundreds of thousands of data points on current prices for related 500s to ensure we are giving you a very competitive price. You'll get a used FIAT 500 that has aced our rigorous 150-point inspection. No vehicle leaves our lots unless they pass Shift's inspections. Sit back and relax knowing your FIAT 500 is road-ready, plus you can access your 500's vehicle history reports and ownership info.

More about the FIAT 500

FIAT is the largest automobile manufacture in Italy and was founded in 1899. The Italian automaker made a name for itself on the race tracks in its early years with envy-inducing performance machines that exuded suave Italian styling. In 2009, FIAT brought over their 500 model, but updated for today's driver. Today, Fiat has expanded its lineup with electric options like the 500e and the family-friendly 500L.

FIAT 500 has a 160hp, 1L engine. This model gets 31mpg city and 40mpg expressway. The FIAT 500 is available in numerous body types such as sport utility, sedan, and convertible. With so many sunny days per year in Pleasanton, a convertible may not be a bad option.

Don't miss out on your FIAT 500

You don't have to pay through the nose for a solid automobile. We make sure all our vehicles are inspected from bumper to bumper and give you all the necessary paperwork. Moreover, if you're ever in doubt, you have a week from your purchase date to return it. It's a win-win for you, and how we believe the process of buying a used car should be. With competitive rates, a no-pressure purchasing process, and quality FIAT models?we put the fun back into getting the car of your dreams. The next time you're on the road in Pleasanton, make sure its in a FIAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand. Buying a pre-owned FIAT can be a little stressful, and we are here to help make the process as stress-free as possible. You got questions, and we have answers. Below are some of the most?requently asked questions on FIAT 500s.
Does FIAT make luxury vehicles?
No, FIAT is not considered a luxury automaker. Still, you can get a pre-owned FIAT 500 with some great amenities.
What are FIAT's top-selling models?
FIAT has no shortage of models?hat customers love. Some of the most?opular FIAT models?re the 500, 500e, 124 Spider, 500X, and 500L
What are the available body types for the FIAT 500?
The FIAT 500 is available as a convertible, sedan, or sport utility
What if I decide the FIAT isn't for me? Can I bring it back?
You have a full week from the date of purchase to return the FIAT. The car must be in the same condition that you purchased it.

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