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Used Porsche Panamera for Sale in Encinitas, CA

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2013 Porsche Panamera
86.8k Miles
Est. $628/mo
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Purchase a Used Porsche Panamera in Encinitas, CA

Encinitas isn't just the city you live in, it's your home. You have your city dialed and you know all the secrets spots that aren't in the tour guides. Lately, it's what outside your city that's calling you. You've been California dreaming since, well forever! If you want to make those dreams a reality, you're going to need a great car. As great as Encinitas, CA, you know there is tons more to see and do.

There's only one automobile for you and it's a Panamera by Porsche. It has just about everything you want in a car—contemporary design, workmanship, and great fuel economy. And it's a Porsche, a brand you've always trusted. It has everything but a wallet-friendly price. However, there is a better way.

The Shift Way—simple, fair, used car buying

We'd love to set you up with a Panamera in Encinitas at an affordable price. We continuously follow millions of data points on current prices for similar Panamera models to make sure we're offering a competitive price. Our 150-point inspection on every one of our used vehicles means you'll be getting a quality car at a terrific price. Not a single vehicle leaves our lots unless they pass Shift's inspections. You can rest easy knowing your vehicle is ready for the road, plus you can access your Panamera's vehicle history reports and ownership information.

More about your Porsche Panamera

The German automaker, Porsche, is renowned for their vehicles engineering, style, and incredible handling. Porsche first started as a race car manufacture and had several impressive models. Fame for Porsche began in 1964 when it produced the instant classic, the 911. The company had some financial troubles during the 1990s, but the creation of the Boxster, a sporty, fun roadster, in 1997 helped the company rebound. The next decade saw Porsche add an SUV, the Cayenne, to its lineup and the Carrera GT supercar. Today, the automaker continues to modify its lineup while still maintaining impeccable performance.

The Porsche Panamera is equipped with a 5L engine that can produce a tremendous 680hp. Gas mileage varies based on driving conditions, but the Porsche Panamera typically gets 23mpg in the city and about 30mpg on the expressway. The Panamera comes in a number of configurations like convertible, sedan, and sport utility. A convertible could be a fun option since Encinitas has so many sunny days a year.

Don't miss out on your Porsche Panamera

When you are revving for the Porsche Panamera, don't waste time looking at used car dealers all over Encinitas or scouring the web for a great price. Just cruise on over to us. You'll get the automobile you want at an affordable value. Feel free to compare the Panamera to other models of Porsche to be sure it's the vehicle you have your heart set on. Take us for a spin today.

Shift FAQ: Your questions answered

We realize you may have a lot questions when it comes to buying a used vehicle, and we're ready to answer them. Here are some of our customers' most frequently asked questions on Porsches. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on Porsches.
Does Porsche make luxury vehicles?
Yes, Porsche is considered a luxury brand, and the price is indicative of their premium standing.
What are the best-selling Porsche models?
Porsche has a few models that are popular with their drivers. Porsche's top-selling models are the Macan, Cayenne, 911, Panamera, and 718 Cayman
What are the available body types for the Porsche Panamera?
The Panamera comes in either a convertible, sedan, and sport utility
What if I decide the Panamera isn't for me? Can I bring it back?
We allow you to bring back the Panamera within seven days from when you purchased it. The car must be in the same condition in which you purchased it.

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