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Used BMW 2 Series for Sale in Carlsbad, CA

14 results Prices exclude taxes, fees, or Shift Service fee

2016 BMW 2 Series
47.5k Miles
Est. $380/mo
2018 BMW 2 Series
M240i xDrive
8.37k Miles
Est. $620/mo
2017 BMW 2 Series
M240i xDrive
16.2k Miles
Est. $555/mo

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2015 BMW 2 Series
53.7k Miles
Est. $331/mo
2016 BMW 2 Series
50.4k Miles
Est. $451/mo
2016 BMW 2 Series
41.2k Miles
Est. $415/mo
2016 BMW 2 Series
21.3k Miles
Est. $493/mo
2015 BMW 2 Series
60.9k Miles
Est. $360/mo
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Buy a Pre-owned BMW 2 Series in Carlsbad, California

There aren't many cities in California quite like Carlsbad. The hardest part about weekends is only picking one thing to do. However, when you're ready to explore more of California, you're going to need great set of wheels. Unfortunately, your car isn't up to the challenge.

There's only one vehicle for you and it's a 2 Series by BMW. It's got just about everything you are seeking in an automobile—updated design, workmanship, and fuel economy. Plus, it's made by BMW, a brand you respect. The one thing giving you pause is a the price of a new BMW 2 Series. What if we told you there's a better option?

The only way to buy a used car

It all begins with our rigorous 150-point inspection. No automobile drives off our lots without acing Shift's check-lists. To assure that you get a good sticker price, we continuously monitor hundreds of thousands of points of data on current prices for comparable BMW 2 Series models. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is road-ready and that you got a great deal.

More about your BMW 2 Series

BMW, or Bavarian Motor Works, is a German luxury brand self-described as "The Ultimate Driving Machine." If you've ever sat behind the wheel of a BMW, you most likely whole-heatedly agree with the company's slogan. The company, throughout the years, pioneered many technologies used today, such as turbocharged engines and advanced electronics. With family-friendly wagons, stately sedans, sporty coupes, and luxurious SUVs, the German automaker currently has a diverse lineup. Whichever BMW you choose, you most likely will describe it as sheer driving pleasure.

The BMW 2 Series features a 3L engine that produces a respectable 335hp. The BMW 2 Series gets 24mpg city and 36mpg highway. The 2 Series comes in a number of body styles such as convertible, sedan, sport utility, and station wagon. A convertible could be a fun option since Carlsbad has so many sunny days a year.

Buy a pre-owned BMW 2 Series today

We want to remove all the hassle out of purchasing a pre-owned 2 Series, yet still provide you a great car at a competitive price. We'll even process all the required paperwork, including title, transfer, registration, and DMV forms. Plus, our 150-point inspection means that your BMW 2 Series is ready for action when we deliver it to you. Get that new-car feeling with a pre-owned 2 Series. Contact Shift today.

Shift FAQ: Your questions answered

We know you have a few questions about your pre-owned BMW, and we have a few answers for you. Here are several of the most frequently asked questions on BMW 2 Series models.
Is BMW considered a luxury brand?
BMW Is considered a luxury vehicles, which means you'll find premium features on most models like the BMW 2 Series.
What are the most popular BMW models?
BMW has a few models that are popular with their drivers. BMW's top-selling models are the 3 Series, 5 Series, X5, X3, and 4 Series
What are the available body styles for the BMW 2 Series?
The 2 Series body types are station wagon, sport utility, sedan, and convertible
Can I return the 2 Series if I don't like it?
We allow you to bring back the vehicle within seven days from the date of the purchase. To accept the return, the automobile has to be in the same condition that you purchased it.

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