What Are Brake Pads?

Have you wondered how often to change brake pads? What are brake pads made out of? Here's our guide to brake pads and rotors and when they need replacing.

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Lexus RC 350 Review: Pricing, Specs & More

Looking for a good deal on a used Lexus RC sports coupe? Here's our Lexus RC 350 review, with facts and figures on what makes it so enjoyable to drive.

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Lexus IS Review: Pricing, Specs & More

Are you in the market for a used sports sedan that offers performance, luxury, and reliability? Here’s our Lexus IS review on what makes it a top choice.

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How to Buy a Car with a Lien

What if you find the used vehicle you want, but it has a lien? Here's our guide to buying a car with a lien.

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What Are Auto Insurance Deductibles & How Do They Work?

When you make a car insurance claim, you'll probably have to pay a deductible. Here's our guide to auto insurance deductibles.

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The 9 Best Cars You Can Get for Under $15,000

Here are nine of the best cars you can get for less than $15,000. Ready, set, save!

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